Motivated by Christian faith, COBYS Family Services provides wrap-around services in foster care, adoption, counseling, family life education and permanency for children and families at risk in Lancaster County and the surrounding area.

COBYS strives to provide a continuum of care with services related to physical safety of children as well as behavioral and emotional health for children and adults. This care, provided with compassion, dignity and hope, is the COBYS Difference. It comes down to why we do what we do, and how we do it. Caring for children, individuals and families in need presents many challenges. Our mission focuses on delivering care with a servant spirit. We are called to provide joyful, transformative care.

This level of care cannot be delivered without the support of our community. While we receive county and state funding, our faith motivates us to provide a higher level of care that goes beyond the basics. We are continually blessed by the generosity of individuals, churches, businesses and community groups who believe in our ministries to provide this potentially life-altering care.

For an overview of the work and services COBYS provides, we invite you to journey with us through a representational case: “A Case for COBYS”. Of course, every client and case we serve is unique, but in this representative example we highlight the care and compassion provided by COBYS and our resource families, often in complex and challenging circumstances.

To receive information about our care, events you can attend and in depth stories about the positive difference COBYS is making in lives of children and families at risk, please join our contact list. We’d love to share what partnership with COBYS means for our kids and families.