Leadership Directory

Mark Cunningham, Executive Director, mark@cobys.org

Anne Stokes, Director of Development, anne@cobys.org

Abby Keiser, Director of Family Life Services, abby@cobys.org

Mary Sourber, Director of Placement Services, mary@cobys.org

Cynthia Umberger, Director of Business Operations, cindy@cobys.org

Tim Strawser, HR and Business Manager, tim@cobys.org

Bethany Kauffman-Raub, HR and Office Supervisor, bethany@cobys.org

Holly Hardin, Family Life Education Services Assistant Director, hhardin@cobys.org

Jen McDowell, Adoption Supervisor, jen@cobys.org

Courtney Beiler, Foster Care Supervisor, cbeiler@cobys.org

Sharon Kingsley, Resource Home Supervisor, sharon@cobys.org

Barb Paynter, Family Life Education Supervisor, bpaynter@cobys.org

Amy Wittmaier, Counseling Department Supervisor, awittmaier@cobys.org

Ruby Nolt, Permanency Unit Supervisor, ruby@cobys.org

Krista Rankin, Permanency Unit Supervisor, kristar@cobys.org

[We foster to] give children the opportunity to experience consistency and structure and to let them be kids without concerns that are for adults, such as meals, clothing, caring for other siblings, etc. We do respite to assist other foster families as other families assist us as well. – COBYS Resource Parents Tiff and Jeff