Leadership Directory

Mark Cunningham, Executive Director, mark@cobys.org

Anne Stokes, Director of Development, anne@cobys.org

Abby Keiser, Director of Family Life Services, abby@cobys.org

Mary Sourber, Director of Placement Services, mary@cobys.org

Cynthia Umberger, Director of Business Operations, cindy@cobys.org

Tim Strawser, HR and Business Manager, tim@cobys.org

Bethany Kauffman-Raub, HR and Office Supervisor, bethany@cobys.org

Holly Hardin, Family Life Education Services Assistant Director, hhardin@cobys.org

Jen McDowell, Adoption Supervisor, jen@cobys.org

Courtney Beiler, Foster Care Supervisor, cbeiler@cobys.org

Sharon Kingsley, Resource Home Supervisor, sharon@cobys.org

Barb Paynter, Family Life Education Supervisor, bpaynter@cobys.org

Amy Wittmaier, Counseling Department Supervisor, awittmaier@cobys.org

Ruby Nolt, Permanency Unit Supervisor, ruby@cobys.org

Krista Rankin, Permanency Unit Supervisor, kristar@cobys.org

We are all adopted through Jesus. For a child to have a forever home just brings safety and security for them. – COBYS Resource Parents Jesse and Bethany