What is Adoption through Foster Care?

In the state of Pennsylvania, approximately 2,500 children who are in the foster care system are seeking permanency with a family. When children who are placed into foster care are not able to be reunited with their birth family, another form of permanency is sought. At times, children remain with their foster family who adopts the child, and other times the child is moved to a new home for the purpose of adoption. As an affiliate of the Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network (SWAN), COBYS Family Services is part of a network of public and private organizations that share a common goal of providing permanent homes in a timely fashion for Pennsylvania’s foster children.

What is COBYS’ Role in the Foster to Adopt Process?

  • Assist families and children who already are part of the COBYS program, as well as new families who are interested in pursuing adoption through foster care.
  • Prepare children and families for adoption
  • Facilitate the legal process of adoption
  • Provide support to children and families both before and after the adoption.

Who Are the Children in Foster Care needing an adoptive family?

Children are placed into potentially adoptive homes when they have been placed into foster care and cannot be reunified with their birth family. They are children who are:

  • Between the ages of 8 to 21
  • Of all racial and ethnic groups
  • Of various religions
  • Individuals
  • Sibling groups
  • Who may have emotional, behavioral or medical needs

For some children who have no identified family resource COBYS works diligently to find a permanent resource through our Child Specific Recruitment program. Please see Waiting Children to learn more about these children. You can also meet additional children waiting to be adopted at

Who Are the Foster to Adopt Families?

  • Married or single persons
  • Families with or without biological children
  • Families with or without a stay-at-home caregiver
  • Families willing to make a lifetime commitment to a child/children
  • Providers of love, guidance, nurturing and structure that children need to heal from past experiences
  • Families open and willing to seek support from professionals
  • Families willing to learn to integrate the child’s culture into their family
  • Families who acknowledge the importance of a child’s birth family
  • Families willing to parent an older child or sibling group


Want to take the next step in learning about becoming a foster to adopt family with COBYS? Click the link for a short form to request an Inquiry Packet, a call from a Resource Home Coordinator, and/or to register for an Information Session.


Our original intention was to only foster and not to adopt, but we have grown to love our foster daughters and have decided to adopt them, if that is what is needed. The greatest joy is seeing our children become secure and happy, learning about God and the world around them.

– COBYS Resource Parents