Post Permanency Services

Stacie LaBarbera, COBYS Family Services Adoption Coordinator, introduces the Post Permanency program and free opportunities for adoptive and permanent guardianship families, including kinship families.





Stacie LaBarbera discusses the challenges facing the return to the school year and the increased stress under COVID-19 restrictions. She reminds adoptive and permanency families that services are available to help. Contact COBYS before a crisis arises. You are not alone.





Post Permanency Services provide support and hope to adoptive families by offering guidance and validation, creatively troubleshooting obstacles to family sustainment, expanding the family’s network of resources and support, and facilitating bonding and self-care. These services are free of charge to Pennsylvania families and are subsidized through the Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network (SWAN). Families self-refer for these short-term services, which are used to support the child and family after the adoption or guardianship has been finalized.

Contact us today to discuss assistance we can provide: or 717-656-6580

Services include:

Case Advocacy

  • Mediating between birth families and adopted children
  • Networking with other community service providers
    Providing therapeutic resources
    Acting as advocates to obtain specialized help

Respite Care

  • Family activities that enhance attachment and bonding
  • Daytime or overnight care for children by trained respite providers
  • Camp experiences

Support Groups

  • Evidence-based parenting programs that enhance attachment and build a network of support with other participants
  • Small group training for young children who exhibit challenging behaviors
  • Structured support groups for girls aged 9-18

Who Qualifies?
You qualify for these free services if you live in Pennsylvania and have adopted a child (domestically or internationally) or are a permanent legal guardian or kinship care provider.

God loves adoption! We wanted a family and decided that this is the avenue we wanted to pursue to achieve that goal. And we get to love on kids of every race and background. We love our diverse, beautiful family! – COBYS Resource Parents Ron and Mary