Waiting Children

The Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network (SWAN) reports that approximately 2,500 Pennsylvania children are waiting for adoption. While some of these children will be adopted by their current foster parents, many others do not have an identified permanent home. These children often are called “Waiting Children.” COBYS adoption staff seek homes for such children through a service called Child Specific Recruitment (CSR). From time to time we feature children on this page who need an adoptive home.

Many of these are special children who require special families. Many have suffered from abuse or neglect. These children may be older, part of a minority group or a sibling group. Many may have one or more disabilities. Like all children, they deserve a family who accepts and nurtures them and helps them reach their full potential.


Here are a few of the CSR children the COBYS staff is working with:   Waiting Children 


My caseworkers are always responsive to my phone calls and e-mails and have always been helpful. I feel like they trust that I am doing my best for the children.

– COBYS Resource Parents