Permanency Unit Caseworker

Provide in-home services to families and children in placement. Our office is located in Lancaster City. The successful candidate will have a BA in a social science, be willing to work in a Christian environment, have a valid driver’s license, and possess good communication and social skills. Responsibilities include making referrals to address issues such as mental health, drug and alcohol, domestic violence, criminal activity, parenting, housing, and income; following-up with service providers to monitor service delivery; completing safety and risk assessments; developing client service plans; preparing court documents and testifying in court; conducting announced and unannounced home visits with parents; conducting visits with children at their placement site (foster home, group home, shelter, residential treatment facility) to ensure the safety and well-being of the child; facilitating visits between children and their biological parents; and maintaining updated and accurate dictation on all client and collateral contacts.  Please send your résumé to danielle@cobys.org by Tuesday, July 2, 2019.