Resource Family Portal

extendedReach Resource Family Website

Click on the link below to access the extendedReach Resource Family Website.

This portal is for the following people:

  • Currently approved resource families. They can submit information and forms for their file and access to information and forms about the children placed in their home.
  • Individuals who have attended Orientation and submitted an application to start the process to become a resource family with COBYS. Applicants will receive instructions about how to log in and submit paperwork once their application is fully processed by COBYS.

Click here to go to extendedReach Resource Family Website

As a resource parent, this opportunity was a game changer! I’ve been a foster parent for 28 years, servicing 78 kids & families. There is always things to learn! I have gained a vast amount of knowledge about brain development that I had never even considered.

– COBYS Resource parent