Many Ways to Give

COBYS strives to provide a continuum of care with services related to physical safety as well as behavioral and emotional health. This care, provided with compassion, dignity and hope, cannot be delivered without your help. While we receive county and state funding, our Christian faith motivates us to provide a higher level of care and this funding is not enough to cover all the expenses. This is the COBYS Difference and where you come in. There are many ways to support the ministries of COBYS that help fill the gaps where the need is greatest. We are continually blessed by the generosity of our community partners, like you, and the confidence in our ministries to provide this potentially life-altering care.

For more information contact:

Director of Development Anne Stokes at, 717-656-6580 x101 or Donor Relations Manager Steven Nichols at, 717-656-6580 x161

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People can help COBYS by investing with donations of time, talents or money. Donations to COBYS are tax-deductible. Here are a few ways to give:

  • Send a check. A tried and true method. Mail your donation to: COBYS Family Services, 1417 Oregon Road, Leola, PA 17540
  • Care Fund: sending a donation designated “Care Fund” allows our team to provide those extra needs for the children and families in our care. These are the things in our lives that may get frequently overlooked or taken for granted but are not always available to our clients. Things such as a birthday gift, back-to-school items or a trip to an arcade and family fun center.
  • Kids’ Closet: Our Kids’ Closet accepts new In-Kind donations that provide our kids with needed items. This includes clothing, toiletries, backpacks/luggage, blankets, books/toys, and go-packs. You can find our current Top 5 Needs  and a larger Amazon Wishlist.
  • “Monthly Motivators”: Set up an automatic gift (we can help) and connect to COBYS on a deeper level. Whether your gift is monthly or quarterly your commitment will provide year-round impact. We’re happy to share quarterly stories and good news with our most impactful donors.
  • Year End Giving: The close of the calendar year is a common time to donate. You may be getting your finances in order for tax purposes or being inspired by the Christmas season.
    • Annual Appeal: Each November we share a deeper, more detailed look at the ministries of COBYS. We present the COBYS Difference in action, where you can see the impact of the work we do together in concrete examples. A gift through this appeal helps elevate our calling to provide this compassionate care.
  • Extra Give: The 2024 Extra Give will be held on Friday, November 22. Participate in Lancaster County’s annual day of giving and celebration of generosity. You can donate through the website, or go straight to the COBYS’s page –
  • Events: We host many events throughout the year with different goals of community, storytelling, and creating memories. You can learn about all the options to connect with us on our website and through social media.
    • Bike & Hike: Our biggest event. Each September for 27 years running, hundreds of people, from infants to our most seasoned supporters, gather for a walk, bicycle ride or motorcycle ride of their choice and raise critical, sustaining funds for the ministries of COBYS. In 2024, the Bike & Hike is scheduled for Sunday, September 8. Stay tuned, starting in Summer 2024 for all the latest details.
    • Spring Gathering: Each spring we present an opportunity for our most generous supporters to meet with COBYS staff and hear more in depth accounts of the impact of COBYS on the community. Our Dinner & Conversation was held Thursday, March 14, 2024 at the Inn at Leola Village. 
  • Planned Giving: List COBYS Family Services as a beneficiary in your will, retirement account or life insurance policy. Establish a Charitable Gift Annuity, a Charitable Trust or other life-income gift instrument. Please contact Anne Stokes at: for more details.
  • Social Media: Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Your follows, likes and shares help expand our reach, so more people can read and learn what it takes to make-up the COBYS Difference.