Wanted: Foster and adoptive families

COBYS is looking for loving families

If you have ever considered becoming a foster or adoptive parent to children in the foster care system, now is the time to contact COBYS Family Services. If you have discerned the call to serve kids who are in need of a safe, loving environment, we’ll help you learn about the ways you can answer that call.


We need families across our community to join us in providing loving care to children by becoming resource parents. Resource families are a critical part of the foster care system as they serve children and create supportive relationships with birth families. 

Please prayerfully consider for you and your family if foster care or adoption is right for you. Is It Time?


Want to learn more? Here’s how to start.

For an introduction to the world of foster care and adoption through foster care, sign up to learn more and join a FREE Information Session. COBYS’ staff will describe the unvarnished, fulfilling, life-altering difference you’ll experience while serving as a resource family, as well as the impact you can have on children and families who are in desperate need of loving help and care.


Click these images to learn more about COBYS foster care and adoption opportunities and hear from one of our resource families.



Learn more about becoming a Foster Care/Resource Family or an Adoption through Foster Care Family

Jesus Christ is the source of all love that my husband and I have for the children. We want to see a nation turned back to God, fathers’ hearts turned toward the children, and children’s hearts turned back toward their fathers. Stewarding these precious children for a few days, weeks, months, years, or decades is a part of seeing that dream come to fruition. – COBYS Resource Parents