A Case for COBYS

When compassionate care meets generosity, there truly is hope for a brighter future.

At COBYS, we have the honor of serving children, adults and families who need quality care and support, providing for not only physical safety, but mental and emotional well-being. Our wrap-around services in foster care, adoption, counseling and family life education are delivered with the hope that as many as possible in our community can live fulfilling and productive lives and reach their full potential.


Support of COBYS empowers this hope and strengthens our community.

To help understand the impact financial support in COBYS has, we present A Case for COBYS. In the representational story of Layla, we show some of the real experiences of those we serve. We hope in reading about Layla, you have a deeper appreciation of what it means to be in foster care, the importance of mental health support and the crucial role that donations to COBYS play in strengthening families and caring for children like Layla. Support for COBYS bridges the gap between federal and state funding and meaningful, life-altering care we provide.


We aren’t sure what the future holds, but hope is tenacious. It is our goal to make sure that those we serve are never without it as they journey towards the future. The generous support of our donors forges a partnership, connected to our services and shared faith to make this possible.


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[COBYS caseworkers] have been very supportive! They have been there for us, offered advice and guidance on what they thought we should do. They have made me feel like there are no DUMB questions. They are always there for you and will help you when they can. And if they can’t they will find the answer for you.

– COBYS Resource Parents Doug and Andrea