Resource Family Definition

“Resource family” is a term defined by and encompassing the different types of families that serve children in foster care. COBYS resource families fit into one or more of the following categories:

  • Foster Families are committed to caring for and supporting children through reunification with their birth family or transitioning to a foster/adoptive family.
  • Foster/Adoptive Families are committed to supporting children’s reunification with their birth family but are also open to the possibility of being an adoptive resource if it is needed.
  • Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network (SWAN) Adoptive Families are committed to providing permanency to children through adoption for children who were not able to be safely reunified with their birth family.
  • Kinship Families have previous connections (by being a relative or having a significant relationship) with children placed into foster care. Kinship families must meet the same standards for approval as any other resource family.
  • Standby/Emergency Families are available for a week at a time for children being placed into foster care outside of regular business hours. Standby families accept any child referred to them during the week and provide between one and four nights of care for them.
  • Respite Families care for foster and adopted children for a few hours, an overnight or weekend, or up to two weeks.


This mission was laid on our hearts and we chose to foster to provide children a safe and loving place to be while the bumps in their life journey get straightened out, to be there for them and love them through the storm, whether it be for one hour or more than one year.

– COBYS Resource Parents Jeremy and Nicole