Letters to you

We each have many roles in life.

We are children, parents, aunts or uncles, grandchildren, friends, employees, community members and more. There are times and milestones when we especially celebrate or nurture our relationships with others.

Personal letters or correspondences allow us to express what we sometimes find difficult to say out loud, and they can be windows to authentic, deep feelings. We share this collection of letters, inspired by people in the COBYS community. As you read them, who do they bring to mind? Is it your child, a family member, perhaps even yourself?

We hope these letters offer a glimpse of the life-altering effect you make, when together we serve kids and families in our communities. May these touchpoints help you connect to the value of our services. May they remind you that we all can have a profound impact with both big and little interactions, if we are mindful and true to our calling − to serve one another.


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I am a calmer, more relaxed person. I rarely ever raise my voice or yell. I’ve learned to ignore a lot of behaviors and they stopped completely. 

–Incredible Years Series parent participant