Incredible Years Berks County Assessment

Incredible Years for Berks County Assessment

  • As a result of the information learned during this course, I have made changes or improvements in the following areas:
    No changeA small amount of changeA moderate amount of changeMuch changeNot applicable
    We have regular routines.
    I find ways to include my child in decisions about fun and work activities according to their age.
    I try to see things from my child's point of view.
    I think that children age 4 and under are too young to do many things for themselves.
    I monitor my child's activities (TV, music, internet, movies, home environment, friends).
    I monitor my child's safety both inside and outside of our home environment.
    I take time out to play or do something fun with my child.
    I try to remember what is normal for my child at this age.
    I will talk to my child about his or her educational goals without criticizing.
    My child will talk with me about things that happen at school.
    I work with my child to solve problems at school.
    I give my full attention to my child when he/she talks to me.
    I believe family meetings are an important part of running a family.
    I believe that sharing what I think and feel about our values can influence my child's behavior.
    I use logical consequences when my child does something wrong.
    I am able to influence my child's behavior without yelling, hitting, or threatening.
    I let my child participate in decisions that affect the family.
    I wait to deal with problems until after I have cooled down.
    I encourage my children in clear and specific ways.
    I believe saying I love you is as important as showing love through actions.
    I give my child chores.
    I believe children need encouragement as much as discipline.

Jesus Christ is the source of all love that my husband and I have for the children. We want to see a nation turned back to God, fathers’ hearts turned toward the children, and children’s hearts turned back toward their fathers. Stewarding these precious children for a few days, weeks, months, years, or decades is a part of seeing that dream come to fruition. – COBYS Resource Parents