Incredible Years Parenting Program Assessment

  • As a result of the information learned during this course, I have made changes or improvements in the following areas:
    No changeA small amount of changeA moderate amount of changeMuch changeNot applicable
    We have regular routines.
    I find ways to include my child in decisions about fun and work activities according to their age.
    I try to see things from my child's point of view.
    I think that children age 4 and under are too young to do many things for themselves.
    I monitor my child's activities (TV, music, internet, movies, home environment, friends).
    I monitor my child's safety both inside and outside of our home environment.
    I take time out to play or do something fun with my child.
    I try to remember what is normal for my child at this age.
    I will talk to my child about his or her educational goals without criticizing.
    My child will talk with me about things that happen at school.
    I work with my child to solve problems at school.
    I give my full attention to my child when he/she talks to me.
    I believe family meetings are an important part of running a family.
    I believe that sharing what I think and feel about our values can influence my child's behavior.
    I use logical consequences when my child does something wrong.
    I am able to influence my child's behavior without yelling, hitting, or threatening.
    I let my child participate in decisions that affect the family.
    I wait to deal with problems until after I have cooled down.
    I encourage my children in clear and specific ways.
    I believe saying I love you is as important as showing love through actions.
    I give my child chores.
    I believe children need encouragement as much as discipline.

We have two biological daughters and felt we have the space and the interest to have more children. Jesus tells us to open our homes to those who need it. We are currently fostering to adopt two little boys. This opportunity has blessed our family. It has been amazing to watch all four children grow physically, and how they have grown in their love for each other. – COBYS Resource Parent Monica