COBYS New(ish) Car Campaign

COBYS is asking for partners to provide new(ish) wheels for staff to safely travel, providing services to kids and families from hard places.

We go the distance for our kids:

Caseworkers drive thousands of miles each year to provide care for foster/adoptive children.

Care includes twice monthly visits with each child at the foster family home or in the community, medical appointments, court appointments and other types of visits.

Heavy use and a wide geographic service area (up to an hour away) mean vehicles need to be replaced every few years.



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COBYS Car Campaign goal is to raise $25,000 by June 30, 2023


Number Reasons:

Last year:
• More than 21,000 days of care were provide to more than 150 children.
• More than 100 resource families served, providing safe and loving homes to foster children, with the potential for forever, adoptive homes.
• More than 20 adoptions are finalized.
• More than 60 rounds of child preparation services to foster children experiencing transitions throughout their foster care journey.

Safety Reasons:

• We can’t have case-workers stranded on the side of the road while delivering care.
• Care for kids doesn’t stop based on the weather, so a heavier vehicle like a van or SUV is appreciated.



  Donate Today 



For donations by check, please include Car Campaign in the memo line, and mail to: COBYS Family Services, Attn. Steve Nichols, 1417 Oregon Road, Leola, PA 17540.