COBYS Annual Banquet 2022

The premiere of the COBYS 2022 Annual Banquet program aired on Thursday, March 10 at 7:00 p.m. on the COBYS YouTube channel.

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We invite you to learn more

Executive Director Mark Cunningham and Director of Development Anne Stokes present the work of COBYS through videos and interviews framed around a documentary outlining the foster care process.


A Foster Child’s Journey

Behind each data point, unit of service, hour of therapy and class delivered, is a face and a case. Who are COBYS clients, the cases we receive? What exactly does COBYS do for them? We serve a broad segment of society, but many COBYS clients receive services through county foster care and state adoption programs. Our documentary presents a representational case overview of the work done by the hearts and hands of COBYS staff as we walk with our clients through their realities and times of uncertainty.


Why you make a difference

Because of you, COBYS is able to provide care through our ministries that goes beyond the basics; caring for the person, not just the circumstance. With your partnership, we bridge the gaps in funding, providing service with a commitment to excellence, hope for a brighter future and a focus on the needs and God-given potential of every child, individual and family. We simply are not the same agency without you.


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[We foster to] give children the opportunity to experience consistency and structure and to let them be kids without concerns that are for adults, such as meals, clothing, caring for other siblings, etc. We do respite to assist other foster families as other families assist us as well.

– COBYS Resource Parents Tiff and Jeff