COBYS 2021 Bike & Hike Kickstart Fund

A COBYS Kickstart Fund
In honor of COBYS celebrating 25 years of the Bike & Hike event, we set a goal of raising $25,000 before September 12. We’re calling it COBYS Kickstart because it’s our special way to get you excited and motivated to give. Executive Director Mark Cunningham has competed with some of COBYS staff in fun, friendly events to raise awareness of this fund. Please consider contributing to help us meet our goal. The competition is complete! For a little fun, watch all the videos to see how Mark and the staff did.

Choose COBYS Kickstart on the registration page (scroll down to the Kickstart section), or on the pledge or donation form (paper and online) to designate your donation.


The Competitions have begun! Is anyone keeping score?











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