Throughout the year at COBYS, we highlight stories of the impact of our services, whether that be an adoption finalization, delivery of a Family Life Education course, training for our staff or delivery of trauma-focused therapy. We hope these practical examples of the life-impacting care we are called to provide help tell the COBYS story and highlight the COBYS Difference.

Achieving goals, large and small, and good outcomes for our kids and families would not possible without teamwork by our staff across the organization. Teamwork is one of the Core Values at COBYS. We hope hearing directly from COBYS staff about teamwork demonstrates how much teamwork isn’t just one of our Core Values, it is something practiced each day.


I see collaboration in Post Permanency as we consult with different departments regularly to find additional community resources for the families we service.  Our Post Perm families have attended some of the parent trainings and other groups that Family Life Education (FLE) provides. FLE team regularly informs us of their upcoming groups and programs so we can make the Post Perm families aware of the opportunities. We work with the Counseling department to get Post Perm families on the wait list so the process can be expedited for them. As a Post Perm team, we regularly consult with one another to get additional ideas and/or resources on how to assist a family.
– Sheryl Bernot, Post Permanency Adoption Sr. Caseworker


Teamwork is when I am supported by our HR/administrative team to master technology advancements and when I work with our billing specialist to understand the insurance and payment plans so that we are able to collect fees for services. The supervision in our department is prompt, approachable and supportive when concerns arise that need to be addressed.  The care, connection, and concern for one another in our Counseling team is a blessing from above.

Collaborating with other therapists on our team as we navigate the most effective course of treatment for families that are struggling is an example of teamwork when we served our kids and families.
– Michelle Sheaffer, Therapist


I see teamwork on my team when someone is in need of an activity idea for a child they are working with in Child Preparation.  During our monthly group supervisions, our team has a chance to bring any “struggles” we are having with our cases to the table, especially if we need ideas for activities for a session. As a team, we will ask for more information about the kiddo(s), then provide suggestions for activities that would be best suited for the situation and the child’s age.  These monthly group supervisions are a great way for newer Adoption workers to get ideas from other, more seasoned, workers.
– Shannon Beck, Adoption Sr. Caseworker


I see collaboration on my team when there are last minute schedule conflicts and caseworkers go above and beyond to cover appointments for each other at a moment’s notice. 
– Courtney Beiler, Foster Care Supervisor


I see teamwork every time a placement occurs. Bags get packed, paperwork gets signed, sometimes we need to find a car seat, coordination between the county and foster parents occurs, there are many questions and often not a lot of answers. In these cases, the team comes together to help fill in any gaps, as often everything else stops and the placement takes priority.

One example of how we collaborate at COBYS is that the Resource Home Team and Foster Care Team work closely alongside one another. If a Resource Home Specialist learns about a family struggling, they will quickly reach out to the Foster Care caseworker to collaborate on ways to support the children and the families. This goes both ways, as Foster Care workers often come to Resource Home so that we can put our heads together and meet the needs.
– Amanda Storrs, Resource Home Supervisor


In the Permanency Unit, we constantly need to collaborate and work as a team. One example of this is the coverage for various tasks such as covering supervised parent/child visits or covering the responsibilities of being the Worker on Duty. Whenever something comes up that we are not able to cover these responsibilities for one reason or another, we know that we can always reach out to our team here and someone will always be happy and ready to cover for us.
– Rebecca Stutzman, Permanency Caseworker


I see collaboration on my team when every class in FLE comes to fruition with the use of teamwork.  Each class is touched by an FLE team member somewhere through the process, starting with the initial oversight and funding procurement by Abby and Holly; scheduling, assigning, and supervision by Barb; class coordination and curriculum writing by Lisa; teaching and implementing the class by our knowledgeable educators; followed by record-keeping and participant communication by Rose.
– Rose Strawser, Family Life Services Administrative Assistant


At each monthly Post Permanency team meeting, we leave time for case discussion. Team members can present a case and pick our coworkers’ brains for ideas and resources. I always know I will get a fresh perspective, as well as the wealth of knowledge and experience. 
– Ashley Bankert, Post Permanency Caseworker


The collaboration between departments once a child is placed into COBYS care is remarkable.  It’s the COBYS Difference!  From a Resource Parent Trainer, to a support Resource Home Specialist, to Counseling within one week of referral and an evidence-based curriculum taught to foster parents to help them connect with their child, is an example of teamwork/collaboration where we served our kids and families.
– Abby Keiser, Director of Family Life Services


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