COBYS Annual Banquet 2021

Connections Banquet

Thank you. We are so grateful for the interest and support we received for our first virtual banquet. The livestream event was held Thursday, March 11, 2021 at 6:30 p.m. Executive Director Mark Cunningham and Director of Development Anne Stokes hosted the event. Even virtually, we hope we strengthened the connections you have with COBYS.


We had no idea what to expect from a “banquet event” where you don’t meet in person. We weren’t sure how many people would “show up” to watch.


But you did. You certainly did. Here’s what we do know:

  • A week after the livestream there were more than 250 views of the livestream and/or video, accounting for many more individuals tuning in
  • 40 banquet bags were purchased of various sizes (some including multiple totes), so at least 200 people potentially still enjoyed Gene Wenger’s ham loaf during the banquet
  • More than $28,000 has been donated to COBYS, specifically designated to the Banquet, with thousands more general donations being contributed over the last several weeks.


Although we weren’t able to meet in person, in some ways COBYS supporters were able to get a more personal look at some of the work we do every day. Short videos of COBYS staff explaining what and why they do what they do provided a glimpse of the impact COBYS has on the people we serve.


The foster care, adoption, counseling and family life education services we provide profoundly impact the lives of children, individuals and families who are in need of support. Banquet attendees learned how COBYS works to fulfill a calling to provide Christ-like care to our clients and each other. Care made possible in part because COBYS supporters share the call to help with financial donations bridging the gap from providing basic services to potential life-altering care.


We thank all who donated to COBYS through this event. For those who missed the livestream, the banquet can be viewed by clicking the button below.

If you missed us on March 11th? Watch on the COBYS YouTube page anytime.


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Many thanks to those of you who purchased Banquet Bags for yourself, family and friends. We hope you have enjoyed yummy treats and that they enhanced your viewing experience of the banquet.