Questions to Consider

The many questions and decisions surrounding an unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming. COBYS birth parent counselors help clients sort through questions like these:

  • What are my educational and career goals? How would a child fit into those goals? Am I willing to give up or postpone these goals to parent a child?
  • Am I financially able to provide for a child for the next 18 years?
  • Would my family and friends be supportive of my decision to parent? To have an abortion? To choose adoption?
  • Do I enjoy children?
  • Could I have a child live with me in my current living situation?
  • How would parenting influence my social life? Who do I know who will support me through this process?
  • Would I be able to work through the grief of having another family parent my child?
  • Do I know how to care for a child?
  • Does my partner want to have a child? Is our relationship strong enough to parent a child together, or would I be a single parent? What does my partner think about adoption?

Our caseworkers were great! They have always had good listening ears and listened to our concerns and sorrows. They have rejoiced with us through accomplishments and triumphs, also. – COBYS Resource Parents Joel and Jaclyn