Birth Parent Counseling

COBYS educates and supports individuals, couples, and families facing unplanned pregnancies as they make life-changing decisions about their future and the future of their unborn baby. Our trained counselors help those facing unplanned pregnancies to arrive at their own answers to tough questions and ultimately decide what is best for themselves and their unborn child. Whether the decision is to parent or seek an adoptive family, COBYS birth parent counselors serve as a source of support and encouragement.

Choosing to Parent

For those who choose to parent their child, COBYS birth parent counselors:

  • Offer practical and emotional support before and after the birth.
  • Help identify and develop a network of people and resources to support you in your role as a parent.
  • Connect new parents to COBYS family life education classes.

Choosing Adoption

For those who choose to make an adoption plan, COBYS birth parent counselors:

  • Provide scrapbooks of approved adoptive families to help birth parents select the right family for their child.
  • Help birth parents to discern how open their adoption will be.
  • Assist in making plans for the day of delivery.
  • Prepare birth parents for the grief and loss associated with placing a child for adoption.

Openness in Adoption

In most circumstances open adoption is beneficial for the birth family, adoptive family and, most importantly, the adopted child. COBYS works with birth parents and adoptive families to determine what level of openness is appropriate for their specific situation. Examples of openness can include meeting the adoptive family, receiving photographs of the child, providing family medical history to adoptive parents, exchanging e-mails, and ongoing contact as the child grows.

Click here to view a printable Birth Parent Counseling brochure.

Click here to view a video testimonial from one birth mother who made an adoption plan for her baby.

Please contact us at 800-452-6517 or for free, confidential counseling. We can help you with one of the biggest decisions of your life.

Our original intention was to only foster and not to adopt, but we have grown to love our foster daughters and have decided to adopt them, if that is what is needed. The greatest joy is seeing our children become secure and happy, learning about God and the world around them. – COBYS Resource Parents